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Danny & Tatiana

After shooting Danny and Tatiana's engagement session a couple of months ago at the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden, I couldn't wait to work with these two love birds on their wedding day! It was so refreshing to get to serve such sweet and kind people like Danny, Tatiana, and their family and friends. I've never had the chance to shoot portraits at Walt Disney Concert Hall either, so I was BEYOND excited to work with these two and the bridal party at this grand location. Here are some highlights of their special day!

Shooting at noon, the sun was especially harsh. However, using the walls and strategically facing the group away from the sun, we made it work as best as we could!

The Gents!

The Ladies!

After shooting the Bridal Party, we allowed them to relax in any shade they could find! However, the team and I weren't done with Danny and Tatiana yet. ;)

The Bride and Groom Portraits:

Despite the heat and the full blown sun shining down, I had an incredibly fun time shooting everyone! Congratulations Danny and Tatiana on your marriage, and enjoy the last couple of days in Vietnam for me!



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