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Cassidy Senior Portraits

I first met Cassidy in a two-week summer Thematic Option course our freshman year, and I could already see in those two weeks that she puts 110% in everything she does. Fast forward to our senior year, she is graduating a semester early, all while being a Water Polo PAC 12 Champ, as well as creating a new molecule with her chemistry research team (crazy!). As an avid hiker, she has an incomparable energy, and I felt her excitement all throughout our shoot last week. Keep on scrolling to see selected photos from this session!

I always offer a bag of confetti for my graduating clients, if they don't mind getting confetti everywhere ;)

We also had access to the chemistry lab where Cassidy worked and did her research during undergrad!

Cassidy, it was so nice seeing you again, and you were such a joy to work with. I'm so immensely proud of how far you've come. Keep on killing it in life, all while exploring new hiking trails!

Fight on!


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