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One Day in Osaka - Japan

We decided to take a day-trip to Osaka for the aquarium and...let's be honest, we were mostly there for the STREET FOOD!!! Keep reading to check out the whale shark and other ocean creatures in one of the largest aquariums in the world, and for my recommendation on where to get the best okonomiyaki!


With over 15 tanks and 30,000 creatures, Kaiyukan offers a journey through their exhibitions. From the sunlit forests of Japan, to the dark wonders of the deep sea and everything in between, expect to spend 2.5+ hours here and leave feeling mesmerized by the gigantic tanks and blue waters (that is, if the families don't get there first!). There is also a schedule of feeding times for certain animals; if you go 5 minutes before, you can see the animals getting more active!

Whale watching.

A beautiful installation on the lower level, reflecting the shapes of icebergs.

Left: Sara. Right: Boxfish.

After watching the dolphins' feeding time and eating only one onigiri the entire day, we decided it was time for our food at the street markets!


Since the street markets are scattered throughout Osaka, I would google Kuromon Ichiba and start from there. Most foods at the food-stands cost around $2-$5, but unlike a night market that I'm used to where everything is open-air with people eating on the go, there are a lot more sit-down restaurants for sushi, ramen, etc., costing a little more since it is considered rude to eat and walk at the same time in Japan.

Ken's Pastry Egg Tarts: Had to get them after we saw a guy's reaction after eating one!

Takoyaki (ball shaped batter with diced octopus) was everywhere, and Sara and I couldn't un-see it!

Sara and I got drinks at a bar near Honke Anagoya before scouting for the best okonomiyaki (savory pancake)! Luckily, it was only a 5 minute walk before we ran into Ajinoya and decided to check it out due to the long line.

Ajinoya: Featured on the 2015 Michelin Guide, they make okonomiyaki in front of you with whatever you want inside it!

There were so many desserts to choose from, but we decided to get Taiyaki for the last food item of the day:

Taiyaki: Fish cake with red-bean paste inside; perfect for dessert!

Unfortunately since the portions they give at the market are pretty decent and I get full easily, I couldn't eat as much as I wanted to despite splitting with Sara. However, if you're with a large group of people, definitely split everything and eat your way through the market! With $43 less in our wallets, we headed home with full stomachs and an even fuller heart.



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