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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Skip an Engagement Session

norcal wedding photographer norcal engagement photographer 5 reasons to do an engagement session

If your photographer offers you a complimentary engagement session, ALWAYS. TAKE. IT. You may be tempted to ask to save money if you opt out, or maybe your schedule is too busy to fit one in. However, this engagement session is KEY to getting natural photos on your wedding day!

When you book with me, I like to start your wedding experience with an engagement session because I believe that it’s an ESSENTIAL part of the entire process. It acts as the perfect trial run, so you can get to know me, experience how I shoot so that you two are fully comfortable in front of the camera on your wedding day! Here are my top 5 reasons on why you should do an engagement session with your photographer:

1. You'll Pose like Pros on your Wedding Day

Many couples feel nervous or unsure of how to pose when they're first in front of a camera. Where to put your hands, how to position your body, and how to get those candid smiles and genuine laughs...this all comes from getting comfortable in front of the camera, and that means spending more time in front of the camera! Your engagement session is a practice run so that on the wedding day, everything will feel natural and you'll pose like pros with minimal instruction from me!

2. I'll Learn how you Two Best Interact

At your engagement session, I'll learn how you two interact, what you like and dislike, and how to photograph you two in the most flattering angles. I'll keep this in mind for the day of the wedding so that you two can fully relax and enjoy the big day!

3. You Can Express your Personal Style

On your wedding day, you will most likely be the most dressed up you’ve ever been in your life. Your wedding dress and suit is very special, but it doesn't represent your personal style on daily basis. An engagement session gives you the opportunity to be photographed with your partner where you have the freedom to express your day-to-day style.

norcal wedding photographer norcal engagement photographer 5 reasons to do an engagement session

4. You'll Get Tons of Beautiful Photos to Use for your Wedding!

We’re talking engagement announcements, save-the-dates, invites, table photos, guestbooks and so much more!

5. You'll Pose Faster on the Wedding Day

The wedding day is a once in a lifetime event, which means there are typically no do-over's! As you two get more comfortable in front of the camera during the engagement session, you two will get faster with posing as well, which means on the wedding day, you can get more wedding portraits (win!) and you can spend more time with friends and family (double win!)!

Sometimes when you’re wedding planning, the last thing on your mind is making time for each other. Remember to have fun during and after your engagement session during the planning process. Make each other laugh and remember what marriage is truly about! If you’re newly engaged and don’t know where to begin, please reach out; I’d love to meet you and hear all about your love story!

Thanks for reading, and once again, CONGRATULATIONS on finding your forever one!




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