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Borough Market

Borough Market can be overwhelming at first with all the foods and multiple paths to start from. Therefore, I would recommend NOT getting the first thing you see that looks good; it will keep on getting better from there! I managed to wait it out until I saw and tasted all the samples before I decided what to get for lunch (just please don't try this on an empty stomach). Below I've compiled just a few of my personal favorite food finds.

WARNING: there will be cringe-worthy food puns sprinkled throughout this post, so read at your own risk...


Sorry that this picture is SO cheesy (but not sorry that I started with the cheesiest pun).


Borough Market has so many samples, and one of my favorites was this shrimp paella from Bomba Paella. The only thing that stopped me from buying it for lunch was my shrimp allergy.


There were so many oils and vinegars to try, but my favorite was the Vellutato White Balsamic Vinegar and Rosemary Olive oil. You could say Olive'd them very much!


Perfect for wine-ding down after a long day. ;)


Chez Michele was a nice breather from all the food, and the beautiful flowers were a feast for the eyes.


I loved these jams for their unique taste and natural sweetness. It was hard to decide which one was my favorite, but I'd have to say the Brandy + Pear one was my absolute jam.


Only for truffle lovers, but I could personally just eat the mushroom paté with a slice of bread everyday and be beyond happy.


I loved the Chili + Garlic bread because I felt that it could replace a garlic bread craving if you toast it slightly and drizzle some olive oil on top.


Craving a good grilled cheese? This is the place to go.


Saved my personal favorite from this trip for last. At La Tua Pasta, after a long time debating what I wanted to get from their menu, I ended up choosing the Tortelloni Pumpkin with mushroom sauce. The pasta came in a paper bowl which did not impress me, but this uncertainty changed immediately after I took my first bite. To start, the pasta itself was the perfect texture and consistency. Next, the creamy pumpkin filling burst in my mouth in the most satisfying way. Finally, the buttery and rich mushroom sauce complimented the pumpkin flavour far beyond my expectations.

Finally, there were so many pastries and sweets including macarons, gelato, porteña, fudge, chocolates, etc., that any dessert decision will be a good one.

Thanks for the food adventure Borough Market. I'll come back...probably next week to find a new favorite!

Until next time!



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