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Burberry Makers House

This exhibition was open to the public between Feb 21 - 27 to celebrate Burberry's new collection and the iconic artist, Henry Moore, who inspired it. Henry Moore: Inspiration & Process includes some of his most famous sculptures with his fashion designs, and the exhibition allows anyone to explore the iconic British artist's work and methods outside of the Henry Moore Studios & Gardens. Located in Soho (1 Manette Street London), I went after class one day and I was blown away.


The amount of time, effort, and craft put into each piece was insane, some taking more than 200 hours to complete. Description of the pieces were taken from the floor underneath each individual piece. Disclaimer: I don't condone the use of real animal skin and fur in fashion, but I do appreciate the designs from this new collection.

Click on each photo for description on the individual pieces.


The space was set up with a duality of lighting. The first part of the exhibition featured dark walls and dramatic lighting, whereas the second half featured lighter colored walls and was lit up beautifully with natural lighting.

The upstairs featured the designer's process in creating these masterpieces and sculptures.

Thank you Burberry for this amazing exhibition! For those that want to know more about the Makers House, you can read more about it here!

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