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Shooting Details Without a Macro Lens

I had a conversation with photographer friend recently planning a photoshoot, and when I told him that I didn't have a macro lens, he was shocked, thinking I had one this entire time while shooting wedding details. My other friend also thought I had a macro due to this shot I took 5 years ago in Costa Rica with...believe it or not, a rebel T1i and the 55-250mm 4-5.6 kit lens:

Model: Canon Rebel T1i | F-stop: 5.6 | Focal length: 235mm | Shutter speed: 1/125 | ISO: 400

So without a macro, what do I do instead to get close-up detail shots? One of two things:


Get a telephoto lens (55-250mm for example), and zoom up REALLY close on the subject while having a really steady hand and lots of patience. I would also recommend a shutter speed of 1/200th or higher (if light conditions allow) to reduce the chance of motion blur.



2) Since I now only shoot with primes, for weddings I shoot the ring shots with my 35mm 1.4, and in post processing, crop the photo to tighten on, in this case, the ring.

Before: Left, After: Right.

(I personally like the un-cropped version better in this one).

Despite the details being one of my FAVORITE things to shoot during a wedding, I have not yet gotten a macro...but it might just be my next lens to purchase! Either way, hope this post helped, and if you guys have any thoughts on the macro, shoot ahead!




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